23 December 2013

Seasons Greetings..

I know I promised to be a better blogger but time has got the better of me once more..!!
Christmas is a busy time for us all what with the gifts, visiting family & friends, parties & all the other seasonal going-ons. Hardly surprising that time slips away - & before you know it, it's a day or so to the BIG day itself & that's where I find myself today. I was supposed to go to see some family & friends today but the severe weather & local flooding put me off to say the least....
courtesy of KW on Fb
I must admit to having craft withdrawal symptoms so I snuck into CG&Cs HQ & had a little play with my new toy - Sizzix..!!

 I'm totally hooked. 
It made short work of my floral fabric scraps but, WOW - see it go with felt. Perfect cutting out AND I can even use the punched out bits..!! 

I have quite a few ideas in mind so watch this space during the next month or so.....
I'm closing now so it just remains to say.......

"I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas
& a joy-filled 2014... "
Oh, & Buster sends his love too..... 

See you all in 2014...

17 December 2013

Thinking ahead...

Christmas is just around the corner but my crafty thoughts are turning to Spring & Summer..... 

Pretty tote bags with appliqued flowers, flowers crocheted in bright colours & made into bunting, sweet little baby hats & booties....

The list buzzing around in my head goes on & on...

Of course I may need to concentrate more on 
employment more then ever now - but more news of  that after Christmas...

For now, look at this little beauty..!!

 I've been considering buying one of these for several years but wasn't really clear on which type would be best suited to cut fabric or felt. I needn't have worried - one little facebook post & all you lovelies came along & gave me all the advice I could ever need: best model, best place to buy from, which make of' 'dies' worked best with fabrics - one friend even took the time to tell me how it sounds when you start to use it & not to worry cos they all do this at first (Thank you DK). And so I am now the proud owner of a Sizzix Big Shot with three dies - stars, flowers & birds. I wanted hearts too but they were sold out... boo.
Anyway, if anyone reading this wants to look into getting one or has one and wants more accessories try Country View Crafts
They have an amazing range of not just Sizzix but anything craft based. I'm going over after Xmas to see their sale..!!

So, watch this space for my new applique designed accessories - I'm jotting down ideas already & can't wait to get started....  

What do you think of this then?
My friend Sharon made this for me to wear to my 
Xmas craft fairs. 

 I love the Xmassy logo she designed - here's a close up...

 Sharon is going to do me another in pale blue for Spring/Summer with another logo style to suit those seasons. Although I said I was only going to do craft events at Christmas-time, I've relented & booked just two - April & October - just to test the water....

Not long now til the end of term at the 'day job' - we 'break up' on Friday, 20th. It's been unsettling at work  cos of all the changes about to happen.  I won't say much at the moment but January is the month when things will become clearer for me.
More news then....

In the meantime - it's almost Christmas and I fully intend to put all worries behind me & concentrate on a happy holiday.
Crafty Gifts & Cards has closed for posted orders but will remain open til the 23rd for ready-made gifts for local customers.
I'll be re-opening the order book on Thursday, 2nd January 2014.

Christmas decorations 2013

Good night all...
Sweet dreams.


3 December 2013

Oh my - where has the time gone?

Sorry, sorry, sorry.......
           I haven't been a very good little blogger but please excuse me cos I've been very buzy.
                     I promise to improve once next Saturday & my last Xmas fair is done - then I can pack up my stall stuff til the Spring or maybe later - we'll see.

I've been looking through all the blogs I missed over the past few weeks - I've managed to comment on one or two but there are just so many. So, sorry to anyone I've missed... xx
I always feel awful not commenting on someones blog after I've taken the time to follow it - I feel a bit mean but please don't worry - I'll be back to see you all again on a more regular basis very soon.

Enjoy the rest of your week ....

17 November 2013

Busy times at CG&Cs...

So here I am at last...!!!
As promised, a blog that is long overdue but full of what's been going on in my neck of the woods.

To start with, here's a pic of me at Neath community Hall on the 2nd November. I'm pleased to say I did reasonably well but it's not all about the money. I get such a delight in seeing all the other stalls & chatting to the stall holders. The Neath crowd are such a lovely bunch too & always make me feel at home which is nice cos I don't do this on a regular basis any more.

Here's some of the regular stalls.... 

Arian Craft Fairs

There's another two fairs booked in & one more possible - I'm waiting to hear back from the organiser. I'm glad I stuck to my guns & am just doing winter/Xmas fairs now - my hunch that these would be better has so far, been spot on. Let's hope it lasts....

My calendar looks like this;
  • Saturday, 30th November - Neath Town Hall - Xmas Market.
  • Sunday, 1st December - Cwmaman Institute - 1st Cwmaman Rainbows and Brownies Christmas Gift Fete (TBC)
  • Saturday. 7th December - Neath Community Hall - Xmas craft fair

I've said it before & I'll say it again....
If you're local to any of these events, please call in & support handmade..!!

 Talking of the fairs, I've been catching up on some bunting making - my first batch sold quite quickly so I ran up three more & here they are:
Berries, Snowflake & Santa bunting.

My best seller this season without a doubt is the Baby's 1st Christmas Felt Gift Tags & that's even without me being able to post photos on here or facebook in case they were 'spotted'.
Okay for this set though....
Seasonal colours with tree & snowflake button trims
 Of course - some customers have gone with the pink or blue version but I won't be revealing any more til after Christmas so watch this space...  :-)

Harry is a new baby & his mum wanted something Christmassy with his name on it.
We decided colours, fabric & trims & the end result is this....

Harry is, of course the proud owner of one of these too.

I hope I won't be leaving this blog too long but I can't promise... Things look set to get busier rather then not & we are already over halfway through November as it is..!!

Before I go....

Lol...  :-D

 Enjoy you coming week....


6 November 2013

Crafty Gifts & WHO....

Sorry folks - I haven't been around much but in my own defence - I'VE BEEN BUSY..!!!
I've had a lot of orders to deal with plus preparation for the upcoming craft fairs so as the saying goes...
Somethings gotta give.......

I hope to be able to get a fuller blog in before Xmas -I've got loads to 'show & tell' including photos of the recent craft fair I attended in Neath. See photos of the day HERE...

See you all soon.


23 October 2013

Magazine Mayhem & Christmas Chaos..!!

Do you have a thing for craft magazines? I have...
It's mainly craft mags for me but at this time of year I love the 'all singing, all dancing' Christmas ones too.
Over the last few weeks I've been picking up magazines like they are going out of style..!!

First of all I spied this little beauty ...

Then Prima brought out it's fab Christmas Makes mag which I always buy.

My subscription mag arrived by post & withing 10 minutes I had made a sparkly crochet star using the free gift pack - cool or what?

It's not clear in the pic but the yarn is shot through with silver thread & really nice to work with. In fact, I popped over to Simply Crochet's facebook page to ask what yarn it is. There's enough for maybe another two but I've got Christmas bunting in my head so I'd need to make at least 8 - 10..!!

Remember the slouchy hat I mentioned in my last blog? Well - here it is. My customer was really pleased with it & off the back of that I got an order for one adult & one child hat too.


Other things in the order book include three more baby Christmas gift tag decs, a four leaf clover crochet keyring & a set of three crochet Russian dolls.
Here's number one....

The Baby's First Christmas Felt Gift Tags have really taken off. Unfortunately, because they are being bought for Xmas gifts, I haven't been able to post any proper pictures in case they are 'spotted' by the parents...!!! Never mind, I'll use this years pics to advertise for next year, although they can be made as New Baby tags at any time.

My example photo...

.... & a sneaky peep at the corner of one...!!

All these orders pretty much take me up to the middle of November & I plan to close my order book by 1st December anyway..!!
There's 3 fates to do in the meantime so it's busy times ahead for CG&Cs.... phew.

I'm really looking forward to half term. Firstly, me & Hubby are off for a weekend break to Saundersfoot, Pembs to relax & recharge the batteries ~ bliss..!! Then I'll be home for the rest of the week crafting &
preparing for my first Christmas craft fair being held on Saturday, 2nd November. 

Time to say  

Take care all, see you next week....  xxx

Crafty Gifts & Cards

3 October 2013

Getting Ready...

... for the festive season...!!

Mini felt hearts
Yes, you'd swear that Christmas was here already at CG&Cs HQ. My order book has only just re-opened & already I've got more winter hat orders. Tonight I've started an owl hat for a 2 year old - fluffy pink with sleepy eyes & spiky ears.
As soon as that's done I'm trying a new pattern for a slouchy beanie hat for a friend at work.
This is the yarn...

... & this is the hat
This pattern is from a blog called jenilikesyarn & I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I've been trying to promote Crafty Gifts & Cards with some snazzy collages created on PicMonky.
The possibilities are endless but I've settled on this winter/Xmas theme...
I'm loving the tree border. What do you think?

Are you all busy with your Christmas makes? Done any Xmas shopping yet?
I always try to wait til October half term. When my boys were young you never saw anything to do with Christmas til that half term school holiday...
Ah, those were the days - it seems Christmas is with us almost all year round now.
I have already succumb to temptation & bought two chocolate oranges - well, they were buy one get one free. Rude not to I thought... hehe.
I've been seeing some fab festive delights on facebook.
Here's a selection of pretty pages with gorgeous gifts & classy cards - go check them out..!!
Don't forget....

More 'name dropping' & Xmas mentions in my next blog but now a tired me is off to bed.

Night night all
                 Sweet dreams  :-)



14 September 2013

It's been a while...

Firstly, let me say sorry for not being around here for a while.
Things are getting busy at CG&Cs HQ. I've received quite a few orders for winter woollies & Christmas decs & my order book is full to the end of September. Of course being back at the 'day job' after the summer break has meant that my crafting time is restricted to evenings & weekends... sob..

Remember - if you want to order anything from my range of gifts there are ready made items which can be dispatched straight away. 
For more personalised gifts or anything else - get in touch here or via email at:

Here's a mini peep at what I've been up to...

Baby boy's tree dec
& not forgetting the baby girls...
I've got two more Baby Girl Gift Tags on order, one to be personalised.
 Photos coming soon....

Then there's been other Christmassy things...

Loving these burlap linen vintage style tree stockings...
Drop by my facebook page to view more of these plus my full Christmas range.
is a new page by my facebook friend, Julie. She was formerly known as Giftswithheart but has now set up a new page featuring her gorgeous owl & cat makes. Pop over & say 'Hello'.
If you're local to my area please drop by & see me in the run up to Christmas.
Crafty Gifts & Cards will be 'appearing' at the following venues.... 

November 2nd
Neath Community Hall, Orchard St, Neath
November 30th
Glynneath Town Hall, Heathfield Ave, Glynneath
December 7th
Neath Community Hall, Orchard St, Neath

I'm hoping to get a few more in as we approach the festive season.
Watch this space...!!!
Well all this blogging is not getting the orders done so I'm off....
Have a great weekend Bloggetts

Hugs from 
... & Jo.