14 July 2013

~ Decisions, decisions ~

Here at Crafty Gifts & Cards there's been a lot of thinking & general decision making going on.
Oo-er Mrs...!!!
I was at St. David's Church in Neath yesterday & I knew that how the day went would be the turning point for the fate/fair end of the business. There seems to be a lull in the amount of craft fair footfall at the moment. Ask around at any such event and all the stall holders will tell you the same story; it hasn't been good for a long time. 
Every one of us has a theory - it's too hot/wet/cold, it's not being advertised enough, the location isn't right, there is a clashing event nearby, the recession... & the list goes on. I feel badly for the organisers who put in such a lot of hard work & for us stallholders too - it is soul destroying to sit there for 5 hours or more & still sell very little. 
For instance - yesterday I sold two 'Make it yourself' kits, 1 button brooch & 1 crochet pattern. I had lots of complimentary comments but not many were willing to be parted from their cash.

On a brighter note - I was approached by two ladies who asked if I'd be interested in some Autumn/Christmas fairs. The first is in October & the lady is sending me contact detail for the organisers but she attends & says she will recommend me - how kind. It's not far from CG&Cs HQ so that's a plus point too. The second is in a school in Neath - a Christmas fate, dates to be confirmed.  This lady is one of the organisers of school events & had just helped arrange a successful Summer Fate the week before.
With all this information in mind I've sadly decided that Spring & Summer fairs are a waste of money & will only do Autumn & Christmas events from now on.
And now for some lovely facebook pages for you to drool over......
I met these lovlies at the fair yesterday & they are well worth a mention.
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That's all for today folks...
Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather 


Chrissys for Cards said...

It does make you wonder doesn't it? Hope your autumn and winter ones work out better.

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Sorry about the outcome Jo but you have made a productive decision and it sounds like a good plan.
I still think that more and more of us are having ago at making things now rather than buying a ready made item, to save on penny's no doubt. Makes you wonder how the craft magazines manage to keep going with so many of us out there being quite thrifty.
Take care now.
Julie x