20 July 2013


The countdown to end of term is finally complete......
From now til September I'll be crafting away to my hearts content.
Plans for the holidays include a BIG sort out in my little craft room. It's way overdue for a good tidy up & I need to be strong & throw things out.... *scary..!!
I'm trying to work on a costings book for all my yarn - a record of what I've got & a breakdown of price by weight so I can be quicker at working out the price of any piece of crochet work. 
I've made a start & try to add in 5 - 10 balls every few days - it's a mammoth  task. I have yarn everywhere... hehe.
 A 'must do' is sort out my tax return. *very scary..!!!  
I don't need to have it in yet but I had a go at filling it in the other week - after the basics I felt totally out of my depth. I'm going to call into the local HMRC drop in centre for some guidance & advice. 
Along with that I'm thinking of changing the business name - nothing too drastic though. 
I might drop the '& Cards' at the end and become just ....
Crafty Gifts
or Crafty Gifts by Jo
or Jo's Crafty Gifts. 
As you can see - I'm still not certain on a new title just yet. 
I may just leave well alone...lol.

Any thoughts you guys?

Last week we had a very successful 'Super Learners Activity Week' at school. 
As usual - I was involved in the craft activities & I was so pleased that my felt key rings were again something the pupils enjoyed making. 
It's so cool to see lots of their designs being toted about on keys & bags... 
Some pupils even said they would love to have craft lessons to be able to try different projects. 
Maybe I'll look into that....

Crafty Gifts & Cards is booked in for three autumn/Xmas fairs now - all in the Neath area. I'm still waiting to hear from the people who approached me at the last fair I attended but I suspect it's too early for the school as they are not working over the summer. 
I'm still formulating my plans for house party style events & thinking of ideas, contacting other local crafters etc... I'm looking to do the first one for Xmas & see how that goes. 

In the meantime I have an order for a stitched picture from Joanne who saw the one I made for Gemma over on My Shabby Chic Workshop.  Joanne's will be the same except she wants her house name stitched into it plus two cats. Looking forward to starting it very soon.

Gemma's Stitched Picture

At last..... I can reveal the 'secret project' I've been hinting at over the last few weeks. It involved two workmates: Sharon wanted me to make a bag for Helen as a gift from her year 10 pupils. Not any old bag though - it had to be a Wonder Woman bag...!!! 
After much discussion me & Sharon had a plan - designs were agreed & the bag was made - here it is.....

Wonder Woman Tote Bag
I'm pleased to say Helen was delighted with it.

Enjoy the weekend Bloggettes....

Take care..



Chrissys for Cards said...

Wow so much to think about - where to start. I like the name Jo's Crafty Gifts, but that's just my opinion. You must be doing okay - a tax return? Our accountant said unless I made £500 profit clear I need not bother. If I take into account the amount I spend then I am well below that figure. My outgoings far outweigh the incomings, but luckily I don't need to do as a business - just to recoup a little of what I pay, so I can go buy more!! Now Dave has retired, I have no need to keep buying more stuff as I am spending less time in the craftroom. Probably more when the weather changes as I get so bored with tv. Good luck with the crafty lessons. Sure they will be in demand.

Rosa Lily said...

A lovely bright and sunny blog, the way its set out is lovely. Good luck with it all x

andie at prettyjewellery said...

well done jo for being organised doing costings for your yarn, I keep saying I should do something similar with my fabric or at least keep a list when I buy it of where I got it and how much it costs but I have so much I'm daunted and cant remember half of it anyway now. Done my tax return, didn't enjoy it one bit and if it wasn't for paul I would have been flummoxed. I didn't actually have to enter that much detail as most didn't apply to me but the wording they use is so confusing I would never have understood it.Good luck x