20 August 2013

DIY v Crafts

Okay, I know that the re-decoration of our son's room & the stairs & landing were well overdue. We've been talking about it for months & as usual, gone overboard on other related things too. Matt needed a new wardrobe & a chest of drawers so we did the Ikea thing & now that's another job for me... sigh.

One thing I do know - I'm not cut out for glossing - what a horrible job. I got more on me then on the doors, skirting & other places needed doing. We used to know a very nice man who came every so often & did it for us but he's given it all up now - shame.
One thing is for certain - I need to find another decorator to replace him.... !!!

Luckily, I've managed to squeeze in a little bit of sewing - just for my own sanity of course...
I have made a good start on my Christmas Decorations & have already sold some too.

Sold...  :-)
Sold  :-)
Monday's makes...  :-)
I've been very naughty & not done much with my Etsy page. 
I just hope I can maintain it when I'm back at the day job...  :-(
Talking of which - there's just under 2 weeks left... ARGHHHhhhhhhh......

Hoping you are all enjoying your week whatever you're up to.

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Chrissys for Cards said...

Lovely makes. I used to like decorating, but we have a painter- decorator now who is so much neater, quicker and cleaner than me. Just need a decent carpenter now.