17 November 2013

Busy times at CG&Cs...

So here I am at last...!!!
As promised, a blog that is long overdue but full of what's been going on in my neck of the woods.

To start with, here's a pic of me at Neath community Hall on the 2nd November. I'm pleased to say I did reasonably well but it's not all about the money. I get such a delight in seeing all the other stalls & chatting to the stall holders. The Neath crowd are such a lovely bunch too & always make me feel at home which is nice cos I don't do this on a regular basis any more.

Here's some of the regular stalls.... 

Arian Craft Fairs

There's another two fairs booked in & one more possible - I'm waiting to hear back from the organiser. I'm glad I stuck to my guns & am just doing winter/Xmas fairs now - my hunch that these would be better has so far, been spot on. Let's hope it lasts....

My calendar looks like this;
  • Saturday, 30th November - Neath Town Hall - Xmas Market.
  • Sunday, 1st December - Cwmaman Institute - 1st Cwmaman Rainbows and Brownies Christmas Gift Fete (TBC)
  • Saturday. 7th December - Neath Community Hall - Xmas craft fair

I've said it before & I'll say it again....
If you're local to any of these events, please call in & support handmade..!!

 Talking of the fairs, I've been catching up on some bunting making - my first batch sold quite quickly so I ran up three more & here they are:
Berries, Snowflake & Santa bunting.

My best seller this season without a doubt is the Baby's 1st Christmas Felt Gift Tags & that's even without me being able to post photos on here or facebook in case they were 'spotted'.
Okay for this set though....
Seasonal colours with tree & snowflake button trims
 Of course - some customers have gone with the pink or blue version but I won't be revealing any more til after Christmas so watch this space...  :-)

Harry is a new baby & his mum wanted something Christmassy with his name on it.
We decided colours, fabric & trims & the end result is this....

Harry is, of course the proud owner of one of these too.

I hope I won't be leaving this blog too long but I can't promise... Things look set to get busier rather then not & we are already over halfway through November as it is..!!

Before I go....

Lol...  :-D

 Enjoy you coming week....



Chrissys for Cards said...

So glad you are busy Jo and all your networking and work has paid off. Gorgeous makes, as always.

Rosa Lily said...

Some gorgeous makes here. Great to see you doing well with so many fairs. Nice to put a face to the name xxxx