22 December 2014

~Merry Christmas~

Are you ready for Christmas?
I'm never really ready - there'll always be something forgotten, misplaced or eaten before the big day but it all works out in the end...  As it happens, I'm feeling pretty organised this year. 

Cards written & delivered - check
Decorations up - check
Pressies sorted - check
Chocolates/goodies bought - check
Turkey defrosting - check

Yes, I know - it's all going far too smoothly. 
There's a spanner with my name on it waiting to jump into the works at any point..!!

Crafty Gifts & Cards made some great gifts this year and also started a new venture, the crochet class. I'm hoping to expand on this original idea a little more next year - something along the lines of workshops to create an item in a few hours. It needs some fine tuning yet but who knows......

Something I must improve on is my timing; making winter gifts in the summer and vice versa. 
This Autumn/Winter the Infinity scarf proved to be very popular. I made one for myself in early November & ended up making six more..!! 
Luckily they are a quick make so no-one was disappointed.




Cream & pink

It's been busy but I managed to make this little runner made with free fabric from issue 7 of  'Love Sewing' magazine.

 As you can see, the fabric wasn't really long enough for a 'proper' table runner but it looks fab on my dresser.
I simply pinked the edges of the fabric & backed it with cream felt.
Just to finish, can I say 'Thank you' to all the great people who continue to support CG&Cs.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & a happy, prosperous New Year.

Here's to 2015 - may all our dreams come true... 


5 December 2014

Christmas is almost here....

Hello...   Once again time has got the better of me & my blog has been neglected. 
It's the season to blame - always my busy time with fairs, orders & of course having to fit it all 
around my 'day job'. 
Glutton for punishment - that's me!!
Best seller of the Autumn/Winter season has got to be the crochet Infinity Scarf - I've had a steady stream of requests & have orders for six. In hindsight, I should have been making these during the spring/summer in readiness for the colder weather but, hey-ho - there we go. 
I promise I'll be making more as there's lots of winter weather to get through yet!


Talking of crochet, my next 'crochet class' starts on January 6th & I have a full compliment of ladies eager to hit the hooks. I'm more organised this time too & have even created lesson 
plans for each evening over the six weeks - get me!!

Class promo...

I'm organising the gifts in readiness...
selecting the yarn...
now all that's left to do is remind everyone who's signed up.
I can't wait...!!

AND... even more fantastic is that I have four ladies signed up for another course in April..!!

I'm gobsmacked..!!
From something I mentioned in passing to a friend over a year ago to having people on a waiting list is truly amazing. How lucky am I to be doing something I love.
Now all I need to do is win the lottery & do this full time &......  
Ah, there I go again - another flight of fancy.


There are still plenty of Christmas decorations left so if anyone is interested, check out
my facebook page

You'll find all available decs in the recently updated
"Christmas at Crafty Gifts & Cards" 
photo album.

Last but not least - my order book is now closed til the New Year.
Thanks to all who have supported me again this year - it means so much to me...

Bye for now

29 October 2014

October news at Crafty Gifts & Cards

Well, the time has flown and another month has whizzed by under my nose..!!
There's been lots going on here at CG&Cs HQ in preparation for Christmas & the booked craft fairs.
I had a little flurry of sales so I'll be spending most of my half term break making some more plus I've sold all of my Xmas buntings too so I spent much of yesterday making more of them. 
Happy days - I love being able to have more time in my little craft room (aka the box room).

Scandi Toys

Russian Dolls

Scandi Reindeer

Jolly Santa
PS: Take a peep at my Photo Gallery for more.....  xx

The Crochet Class course ended last Tuesday & my lovely crochet crowd, all 5 of them were sad to see it end - as was I. I'm glad to say we've decided to have an 'old school' style reunion class in the new year. Every five or six weeks we're going to have a class donated entirely to seeing how everyone has been doing with their projects, if anyone needs advice & help or even trying out more advanced stitches. I'm delighted to say that there have been photos, texts & chat already and everyone is making something fab..!! 
Keep it up girls - you can all crochet now so put it to good use....

All busy....

Making flowers..

Purse by MH
Purse by TMD

On a personal note - thanks to all the ladies for putting such great feedback on my page
I'm please to say that my next course in January is already fully booked but if interest continues, I'll do another a little later in the year.

As I mentioned above, I'm booked into three craft fairs over the coming weeks. Neath, Glynneath & Cwmaman. I may get one or two more as the festive season gets closer but I'm not too bothered if I don't. Craft fairs are not like they used to be in my local area and people are spending less. Add this to the rising price of petrol & stall fees and you have to sell a lot of goods to just break even...

Stalls from various events

Time to sign off now. I'm hoping to do another blog post soon so watch this space...
Take care all. 

28 September 2014


September has been another busy month - not so much for the crafts but more to do with the 'day job'. It's four weeks into the new term, in a new position & in a new school.
All the staff from three schools coming together in one big 'super school makes everyone feel
new & uncertain, but we're all working hard to make it as successful as possible.
Aberdare Community School

Here at Crafty Gifts & Cards things are, like the song says 'begining to look a lot like Christmas'.
 In fact, I've made lots of felt decorations & I'm hoping to get some more bunting made soon.
Here's a few pictures....

Busy, busy, busy = happy, happy, happy.

There have been one or two things made that are not Christmas related. Yes, really..!!
Personalised bunting & hoops are still proving to be popular as you can see...

The exciting news is about my 'Crochet Classes'. 
From an idea at the beginning of the year, through to a friend asking me if I'd teach her, on to setting it up, to  having six lovely ladies doing my 1st six week course. 
AND there's another course which is almost fully booked planned for January...

Take care everyone and enjoy the Indian summer - who knows how long it will last..!!

xx xx xx