31 January 2014

What's going on?

What's going on here then?
I've just logged on to start doing a draft for my next blog and look at that.
Hardly any toolbar at the top, no spell-checker, no text choices, no text position button...!!!
I've just posted a pic of my latest make - a button heart - just to see what it looks like whan I preview so here goes..............

Well it's all there but it hasn't got any paragraphs either & I put some in - honest..!!
I think I'll leave this and try again tomorrow.
Night, night...


18 January 2014

Thank you Bloggy friends

I'd like to say 
"Thank You" 
to Chrissy at Handmade cards by Chrissys for Cards and Susan at Mary Jane's Tearoom for their help & advice about improving my blog. I now have some extra pages for adding photos & tutorials.
My next step is the gift shop page so here goes...
CG&Cs Gift Shop is now.... drum roll....

Well, I hope that worked..!!

There are only two things in there at the moment, linked to my Etsy shop. I'll be adding more over the course of the next few weeks and it also means that I can't neglect my Etsy shop as I have in the past... 
And if that doesn't work - you can visit me on Etsy by clicking 

This weeks news...

This little girl's glasses case was a quick order & made up in one evening in front of the TV..!! Made for Emily because she lost hers at school - bless....


I love making these mini crochet hearts. So quick to make & gorgeous to look at, with a plenty of uses... 
I think they'd look good in any colour too.
Why not try some yourself - check out my CG&Cs tutorial by clicking here or the tab at the top of my page.

Well, enough excitement for today - all this 'blog tech-y' stuff is tiring you know..!!
I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to the computer but I'm learning all the time.

See you soon... 


15 January 2014

Bloggy Improvements

My bloggy adventures continue with little ol' me getting to grips with  
Technology...  *gasp

Yes - have a look at the top of my blog & you'll see I've added tabs which introduce you to more pages.

I've included a 
Photo Gallery 
Each month I intend showcasing some of the crafts I make - this months focus is 'cross stitch'.

There's another called
Free patterns & tutorials from CG&Cs
My very first crochet tutorial for 'Mini Hearts' can be found here. Go on, have a go - it's an easy/beginners pattern.

Last but not least - 'Gift Shop' which is currently under construction....
I'm hoping to start listing things soon but in the meantime, thank you for your patients.

Well I think I've been such a busy little bee that I'll buzz off.... lol.

Bye for now,

4 January 2014

Happy New Year

Here we are then - another year about to start.

I'm wishing everyone a healthy, happy & fulfilling New Year.

So...  what have you got planned for the coming months? 
 Here at CG&Cs HQ there's already been a flurry of activity with some quick orders.

Judi asked me to do something with her daughter's old roman blind - we decided on a drawstring laundry bag and here it is, ready to go off to its new home next week.  I agree with Judi - this fabric is far too pretty to throw away and with the original lining still attached, it makes a good, strong laundry bag.

The newest CG&Cs project is  
"Personalised Hoops"

I ran up this example using my initial and some pretty flower motifs made using my new Sizzix. I think you'll agree - it makes short work of cutting out intricate details like these flowers.
And...  think of the possibilities - births, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays - the list goes on & on.... I've just been playing around with some different fabrics & textures & came up with this today - it would really suit a wedding or engagement style hoop wouldn't it?


I've been trying to complete this keyring since before Christmas - good job my customer had forgotten all about it...!!! It was another project from the book Teeny Tiny Crochet by Catherine Hirst, but to get a larger effect I used a size 4.5mm hook instead of the 1.5mm suggested in the pattern.
I don't think my poor old eyes could cope with crochet that small anyway..!!

Four-leaf clover key ring

So...  it's back to the day job for me from Monday & there's some anxious times ahead for not only me but all the support staff that are hoping to get positions next September in the brand new school. 
*More news on this when I have it.....  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my lovelies... 
See you all soon,

PS:   I'm after some bloggy advice. How do you add more tabs to the top of your page? I've seen many with extras like a shop, photo gallery & so on but I've just had a peep around in the dashboard & couldn't work out how to do it..!!
HELP... please