6 February 2015

At home or not at home....

I'm in somewhat of a dilemma...

Here we are, almost at the end of Crochet Course #2 & my ladies are asking & asking about making it a more regular thing. The same happened with CC#1 but I didn't think I'd be still doing future classes at that point. Now, with CC#3 full for April/May & CC#4 almost full for June/July, I'm beginning to think that maybe, just maybe it's an option.

My girls have been very proactive, asking at local venues, getting prices & available evenings & it's so gratifying that they love the craft so much they want it to last longer.

There are a lot of questions:
  • If I book a room for a set time scale, an on-going event, what happens if interest wanes?
  • As I still work full time, would organising printed or photocopied tutorials for large numbers become too expensive or time consuming?
  • I would probably have to increase the costs of the classes & would asking for the full fee up front put people off?
  • Am I being a complete wimp & should I just go for it...???

I'm thinking that yes, I'd love to do it, however I'm not that naive that I don't see the possible problems if everything isn't organised properly. I need time & if I do go ahead, it will not be happening before the summer.
Watch this space for more information....


I've been loving these new stitched picture designs made for either new babies in traditional colours or for older children as something pretty to hang in their rooms...

blue shades

neutral shades
I've another on order - just waiting on the colour choices.


March 15th is Mothering Sunday & Crafty Gifts & Cards will be celebrating with pretty gifts like hearts & hoops. Keep a look out on my page...


Take care everyone - see you soon.
Hugs from