2 May 2016

Hello... have you missed me?

Sorry but blogging had to take a back seat for a while & not because CG&Cs became world famous or anything as exciting as that..!!
Since my last blog in August 2015, family and work life just got busy. 

First of all my son bought his 1st home. Exciting stuff, but it needed such a lot of work doing to it -  so me & his dad spent the remainder of the summer (& beyond) doing as much as we could to make it livable, in preparation for his move & before he started his new job. Unfortunately, this combined with the appalling weather took its toll & I ended up with a very nasty chest infection which knocked me for six to be honest..!!  
In September, I returned to work/school (one week late due to the chest) but changes there soon took over too. I was still running the crochet classes, which were eventually suspended in October. Then came Christmas with all its hectic preparations & events, plus several craft fairs too & before I knew it, 2016 was here. 

★  ☆  ✰    ★  ✰  ☆  ★

So what's been happening since?
Crafty Gifts & Crochet has been very quiet which has its upside. 

It's given me time to re-evaluate & organise my crochet group. It may not seem it, but preparing tutorials, printing, organising venues, advertising & networking all take time. 
I'm afraid to say that interest has been low so this next 6 week course will be make or break. 

I've been keeping my Etsy shop updated & now have a 'Haberdashery' section stocking vintage buttons, crochet & knitting patterns. I'm hoping to expand this in the future.

I also have time to make things for me..!!
My WIP - a block stitch blanket which I hope to have completed ready for next Autumn.
Fingers crossed...

★  ☆  ✰     ✰   ☆  ★

On a happier note, here's my 2016 makes so far....

C2C baby blanket with deep edging

 Two lucky little girls got to go on an Easter Egg Hunt with their bunny bags.

The ever popular Infinity Scarf made in Merino yarn, this time in a lovely soft grey colour.

As I said, very quiet...
Crafty Gifts & Crochet

★  ☆  ✰    ★   ✰  ☆  ★

 Time to say 'Bye bye' again.
I'll try to be a good blogger...




Julie.C said...

Hi Jo lovely to see your post, and goodness you have had a hectic time but i am glad you are finding your feet again and hopefully not getting to stressed. It must be so nice to see your son settled in is own home even though it took most of your energy.
Will he be having a house warming party?
I love your blanket, I will check out your etsy shop I forgot you had one sorry.
Try and fit some me time in and take care of yourself.
Julie.C xx

Crafty Gifts & Crochet said...

Thanks Julie. Just been reading your blog - fab stitching as always. Take care xx

Crafty Gifts & Crochet said...

Thanks Julie. Just been reading your blog - fab stitching as always. Take care xx